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Cleopatra's Health Inc introduces the most amazing Cancer, Viral, Bacterial and Anti Parasite Packs in the World!

Cancer Supplements : B17-20:1, Graviola Pro 20:1, Sicarius Pro, Medella 64:1 and 128:1, Moringa, and Abyss.

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Viral Products : Interfector Pro, Monolaurin Pro, Sicarius Pro, Medella 64:1 and 128:1, and Abyss.

  Parasitic Products : Abyss, Bentonite Clay, Bentonite Capusles, Sicarius, and Medella.


Bacterial Products : Sicarius, Abyss, Bentonite Clay, Bentonite Capsules, and Medella. S

  Nutritional Products : Moringa 120 and 250, and Medella.


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